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Why is there a queue?

As you may have noticed if you tried to submit streams, your submissions need to be approved by an administrator before they appear on StreamSports.

We implemented the queue to have a look at streams before we publish them, because our visitors rely on us to provide quality content.

But I always submit great streams, you know that.

It is precisely because some webmasters consistently submit great streams that we also came up with a system to skip the queue entirely.

If you are approved for queue skipping, your streams will appear immediately after they are submitted.

Is skipping the queue the same as becoming a content partner?

No, but it certainly makes it more likely.

Skipping the queue means that StreamSports does not think a human needs to check your links before they go live on the website, whereas becoming a partner means StreamSports believes your content warrants being automatically indexed on the site.

What are the rules for being accepted?

Nothing in written form, unfortunately. We need to personally trust you and your content.

What do I have to do right now to skip the queue?

Send us an email. Choose the appropriate topic.

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