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StreamSports Rating

What is StreamSports Rating?

"StreamSports Rating", is a score given to every domain which submits streams to our index. The maximum possible rating is 40, and domains with a score lower than 6 are automatically banned.

How are the ratings decided?

The score is divided into 4 categories, worth 10 points each:

  1. How easy is the website to use?
  2. How often do our visitors report streams from this website?
  3. How long has this website been submitting without issues?
  4. Is this website a verified StreamSports partner?

Why was the score introduced?

StreamSports rating was introduced because the previous way of sorting the streams - by KBps - was not always the best indicator of how good the user's experience will be on the website which hosts the stream, or when watching the stream itself. Therefore, and with feedback from webmasters and visitors, we decided that the old system should be abandoned.

I have submitted for the first time. How am I rated?

Once a website has a submission approved for the first time, a neutral rating is given. A neutral rating is not 20/40 or 50%. A netural rating means that you are unrated.

With more submissions, a member of our staff will rate your website accordingly.

What about P2P streams?

P2P streams are not affected by the ratings. They will be sorted by KBps still. P2P streams are usually more stable than HTTP streams, so they will be listed higher, with a neutral StreamSports Rating.

How can I get a higher rating?

Submit more streams, follow the rules, and try to keep your website friendly. The ratings will come naturally as our staff continuously monitor the listed streams.

I'm a partner, do I automatically get maximum rating?


Can I get maximum rating without being a partner?


Is it possible to achieve maximum rating?

Yes. Partners with a stellar record of submitting stable, reliable and friendly streams will get a maximum rating and increase their traffic tenfold.

My rating is really low. I don't think this is fair.

Send us an email.

Will my rating be lost if I get banned?

Depends on the reason for being banned. Any ban related to malware / viruses resets your ratings.

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