Introducing: StreamSports - Usability. You are now able to upvote and downvote streams. More changes to follow. Read more.

StreamSports: "Usability 2.0" update


StreamSports - Usability 2.0

In the previous usability update, we introduced voting on streams, and enabled tracking of previously clicked streams as well. Our goal was to make it easier for you to find the streams that work best for you.

In Usability 2.0, we are complementing the previous features with a massive overhaul to how the streams are listed and ranked.

StreamSports Rating

Beginning today, the sorting of streams will be decided by a multitude of factors, rather than the quality in KBps being the dominant variable. The reason for this change is that KBps in itself is not always the best indicator of how good your experience will be on the website which hosts the stream, or when watching the stream itself.

The new system, or "StreamSports Rating", is a score given to every domain which submits streams to our index. The maximum possible rating is 40, and domains with a score lower than 6 are automatically banned.

The score is divided into 4 categories, worth 10 points each:

  1. How easy is the website to use?
  2. How often do our visitors report streams from this website?
  3. How long has this website been submitting without issues?
  4. Is this website a verified StreamSports partner?

With StreamSports Rating, trusted websites and dedicated streamers will be rewarded with better positions in the listings, and our visitors will have a better experience and much less hassle in finding a good stream.

P2P streams are not affected by this change, and will be ranked by bitrate, with a neutral StreamSports Rating.

Webmasters who are interested in more information should read our StreamSports Rating FAQ.

Straight Reds

Beginning today as well, the following offences will warrant an instant ban:

  1. Visitors abusing the upvote/downvote button (Automatic IP ban)
  2. Webmasters abusing the upvote/downvote/report button (Automatic IP ban / domain ban for repeated offences)
  3. Asking for partnership repeatedly
  4. Submitting highly exaggerated bitrates

Please note that voting on streams does not affect their position. For this reason we do not require registration or apply rigid verification methods. However, reports are monitored closely and websites which are often reported by the thousands can expect their rating to drop significantly.

The changes came to be after constant and continuous dialogue with partners and visitors alike, and we hope you find them useful.

As usual, we appreciate visitor and Webmaster feedback.

Happy Streaming

StreamSports: "Usability" update. (Updated)


StreamSports "Usability" Update

About a month ago, we introduced "Project Discovery", a massive website overhaul which has enabled our visitors to find and watch their favorite events more easily.

Following "Discovery", where we made it easier to find streams. "Usability" will follow.

Today, you will begin to see changes to how streams are listed and ranked. The changes are a part of StreamSports "Usability" update - a series of changes to the stream pages.

The following changes have been rolled out for everyone:

  • You are now able to vote on streams and help others quickly tell which streams offer the best quality.

Update 7/28/2015

  • SofaScore integration: You are now able to check live scores and statistics with our SofaScore smart matching system.
  • Previously clicked streams are now highlighted. This will help you quickly find your favorite links, or avoid those which don't work well for you.

Happy streaming.

StreamSports: "Discovery" update.


Project Discovery.

Hello, and welcome to StreamSpots - Discovery.

As you may have noticed, StreamSports looks different. It looks better, we think. let us know what you think.

In the past month, we have started to support more sports, such as Hockey, Basketball and Baseball. As we continue to add more supported sports and competitions, the current system for finding your favorite events becomes less effective.

To combat this, we've been testing Discovery - a new way to navigate StreamSports.

Discovery makes it easier for you to reach your favorite sporting events by adding an extra layer of filters above all pages. The "Sport-Navigator" contains links to all supported sports, and within these links, you can filter even more by rate, country, competition, or date.

With Discovery, we can march on with our continuous efforts to cover more sports from around the world and provide you with great content, knowing that you can effectively navigate around StreamSports and find your content.

Please tell us if you find that something is not working properly, and we will fix it. We hope you like the new StreamSports homepage.

Happy streaming.

StreamSports May Updates


Baseball, Hockey, Tennis!

Baseball, Hockey and Tennis are now supported by StreamSports.

If something doesn't look right, let us know.

Full support for Tennis and Baseball was implemented in the past few days. You are now able to watch your favorite Tennis competitions on StreamSports. For Baseball, so far we only index the MLB, but the system will expand soon.

NFL, Boxing, MMA to follow.

We have had many, many requests for MMA, Boxing and other sports. Support for Boxing and MMA will be ready in the first half of June.

Our commitment to quality streams.

It has come to our attention that some websites we used to link to as part of our Football coverage have recently - for unknown reasons - become flagged as unsafe by Google Chrome.

We have banned 13 websites so far. We are 100% committed to quality streams and your satisfaction is our #1 priority. Please report bad streams, and send us an email if you think a certain website is acting maliciously.

Upcoming website changes.

In the upcoming few weeks, we will begin rolling out changes to StreamSports. We will implement our new logo across all pages, and separate category pages will be introduced to make navigation easier.

Unfortunately, we haven't had the chance to put some real work hours on it, but hopefully we will very be able to soon.

StreamSports on Twitter!

We are social-networking dinosaurs, we admit! But now we have a Twitter account, so follow us for quick-fire stream updates and to get in touch with the team.

StreamSports goes mobile!


Enjoy StreamSports on your mobile!

You asked for it, and now we've delivered! StreamSports is now mobile compatible, and can be visited from any modern mobile phone. The mobile website is a specialized version of the full desktop website, with a more suitable and compact design and with all the features you love.

If something doesn't look right, let us know.

Mobile compatibility information for each stream!

Beginning today, every webmaster is required to tell us if his stream works on mobile when submitting the stream. This means that also, beginning today, the match page will be slightly different.

Here's quick look at what all the icons stand for:

  • Mobile compatible stream Mobile compatible stream.
  • Stream software is available on Android Required software is available on Google Play.
  • Sopcast p2p stream Needs Sopcast. (Download)
  • Acestream p2p link Needs Acesteram. (Download)
  • Flash link Flash or HTML5 - Opens in browser.

NBA now supported!


NBA is now covered by StreamSports!

We are in the process of expanding our coverage to include more leagues and competitions from around the world. Today, we are delighted to announce that we now support the NBA.

The NBA's homepage on StreamSports:

NFL, MLB and others coming soon!

StreamSports wants to cover all your favorite sports. We are slowly but steadily expanding our coverage. Please stay tuned!

More sports, more streams!


More competitions are now supported.

StreamSports now covers International Friendly games and European Cup Qualifiers. Thank you for your feedback.

NBA, NFL coming soon!

We are expanding our coverage to bring you the best streams from all around the world.

In the upcoming few weeks, support for the NBA and NFL will be added. It will bring us one step closer to our vision of being the only sport streaming website you need to know.

If you would like to help us learn how to better support these competitions, or if you have any ideas or suggestions please contact us.

Europa League bug fixed.


Missing Europa League fixtures are now back!

Europa League fixtures for the month of March were missing due to a bug in our system.

They have been added and will be covered as usual.

Thank you for your continuous feedback!

Stream Filters have been fixed.


And we are sorry!

Filters for streams inside match events have now been fixed.

We apologize for this oversight, and we promise to do better.

Thank you for your feedback!

StreamSports is looking for administrators.



Help us make the greatest streaming website.

We need two administrators for StreamSports. It will require several hours per week. Your job will be to review the submission queue - streams submitted by webmasters - and approve them before the relevant events start.

You will also have access to your own admin panel and view various information about the website's content

Admins can manually add / edit and change events or streams.

If you are interested, get in touch now.

StreamSports has launched!



StreamSports is now open for everybody. Webmasaters, please submit your streams. visitors, stream away!

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